“Happy Tuesday!”
~note my Dad left for me on the table years ago

My friend Danielle posts a note in her blog each Thursday titled “Things I Love Thursday”… and I just love the idea. She posts things that happened to her in the past week that she loves and what she’s grateful for. Ideally we should all do this daily! I noticed that once you decide to sit down, focus, and write about these things consistently, you become more sensitive and attuned to them each day. So from now on I’m going to be posting a “Happy Tuesday” note each week (please refer to title of this post) to publicize the things that I am humbled by and grateful for. Plus, whenever I get a shout-out in Danielle’s’ blog I notice a little voice in my head going “Awww….” and so I think that we can continue this cycle of goodwill by declaring our gratitude for others out loud; or in this case, online.

**Team Blend Blend Apparel is a company based out of San Diego, CA that creates T-shirts with a goal: teach people that they can both blend in seamlessly to their surroundings (thus conserving energy and creating harmony within) AND make bold statements. Their meaning/motto: “Wear We Live”. So, I found this T-shirt back in January and ordered it.

It's been said that her heart is the only place that can hold a paradox. So whether you're feeling totally self-confident and unabashedly beautiful or completely broken and miserably flawed - we know and see you as perfect.
It's been said that her heart is the only place that can hold a paradox. So whether you're feeling totally self-confident and unabashedly beautiful or completely broken and miserably flawed - we know and see you as perfect

I ordered a Medium but it was a little snug for my taste (for those unaware, I prefer my clothes a little on the baggy side). In the package they mailed to me though was a logo decal and a hand-drawn cartoon with a helicopter delivering hearts that read “Rhea’s Love Rescue.” The day I received the package was an especially rough one and it meant a great deal to see this love rescue, just for me. When I returned the shirt I included a letter with a little bit of my history and a thank you for the hand-drawn note.

Last Friday I received another package. In it was the shirt I ordered (now Large), a different shirt that has “feel” written across the top in Braille, seven stickers, a hemp patch (total value of the items they sent me without charge – $57.00)… and this letter (click to see full image):

What company does this? Who is Chad and why did he feel it necessary to write me a hand written letter with doodles and thoughts to let me know everything is going to be fine? This is the kind of thing that reaffirms my faith in good people, brothers and sisters by choice and angels. Chad rocks. This company is amazing and I would urge you to buy something from them if you are ever in the need for awesome, inspiring gifts for yourself or others. By the way, if you are a male who has a woman in her life, than that is reason enough to buy the “IMPERFECT” t-shirt. Just amazing. Thank you, Team Blend & Chad.

**Birthday Cards. Last week friends and family showed their love and support via good old-fashioned birthday cards and overwhelming generosity. Their words, thoughts and gifts completely made my week and have helped tremendously in getting us prepared for the move. I want to especially thank Christina who is thoughtful and generous beyond her 17 years. Kids like her are few and far between and I’m so glad I’ve been able to “adopt” her has my younger sister <3. Also, and this goes without saying – my Memere for her ongoing campaign of cards and love.

**Brother-By-Choice, Kyle. Some people tell you every day and in many small ways how much they care about you, think about you and support you. And then there are people like Kyle who live out loud and make bold statements. He got this “MS?” tattoo yesterday:

In the words of Kyle…

I figured if someone else thats close to me has to deal with the pain of ms, i would like to take a walk in their shoes for a moment and say “hey, im dealing with the pain with you”. and ill have you know that my MS tattoo is my 10th tattoo so im finally in the double digits and its my 6th on that arm alone all done by my good buddy (whom also has MS). which makes this tat that much more bad ass. In closing i would like to say that my tattoos are eye candy because I MAKE THE WORLD TASTE GOOD!!! Get hardcore people!! Oh and most importantly, im living with MS for the rest of my life too. Im with ya sista!!!!

Kyle rocks. Thank you bro! Love you!

**Interviews. Thommy got a call from the District Manager of Dick’s Sporting Goods in response from the resume he submitted for “Store Manager” in one of the Syracuse stores. His interview is this Friday out in Wilkes-Barre. Please say some prayers and send positive vibes his way – this job offers immediate benefits!

**Thommy. I’m obviously going to be thankful and happy to have him around every week and he won’t always get a special mention. This week, it is important I thank him for paying close attention to our injection training that took place last Wednesday. I thank him for really understanding how overwhelming it can be to play “pinch-an-inch” on my hips and for offering to inject me on those days so that I don’t have to. I thank him for making me feel beautiful every time I fall completely out of love with my own body. I thank him for sitting with me while I swear (Tourette-style) for an hour, while we wait for the swelling to go down and the burning to subside…

Arm Site Reaction
Arm Site Reaction

Leg Site Reaction
Leg Site Reaction

Leg Site Reaction
Leg Site Reaction

**Riley. For keeping me laughing – in between the swearing – during the injection process…


Can I Help?
Can I Help?

**Final Thoughts. Rich’s petition for Thommy to attend the MACY*s Christmas party (yes, in February) and his eagerness to give us a tour of my beloved Penn State campus… Meg’s message on my Facebook wall wishing me a Happy Birthday (in French)… Date Nights with my husband that include popcorn (Shutter Island was amazing)… Space Saver bags (which actually do save room, until your cat scratches them and then you waste $60… for that I am not grateful)… Zuma & XBox for numbing my mind and keeping me occupied at 2am…

LASTLY. I’m thankful that my Dad left that note on the table so many years ago. I still carry the sentiment with me and think of it most Tuesdays. True Story.

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