**editors note: this was supposed to publish on February 26th but obviously it did not. It’s a little outdated I suppose… here it is anyway.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I won’t have internet again until next Tuesday, March 2nd. We pick up the U-haul tomorrow and will spend the weekend packing, loading things ups, taking care of last minute errands and hanging out with friends. Saturday night has the makings of a classic. Thanks in advance to Justin & Rich.

Speaking of Rich, a.k.a “Mr. I Work on Commission” … he took Thommy and I on an awesome, sponsored-by-Axe-Body-Wash tour of my beloved Penn State last Wednesday. As soon as I get settled there will be a post to share with you our love of the campus and the hilarity that ensued. He’s one of the good kids.

We traveled out to Wilkes-Barre today even though it seemed as if the entire East Coast was shut down. I stopped counting accidents and just hummed along to Jason to keep calm. We had a great early lunch at Red Robbins (You know why I love that place – they will substitute any burger with a Boca patty and instead of a bun you can have it wrapped in lettuce)! Thommy’s interview went really well and he surely scored a few extra points just for travelling the 2.5 hours to get there when the hiring manager was more than willing to reschedule. We have a lot of hope that this job opportunity will work out for the best. Above all else, this job would offer immediate health benefits. We’re asking everyone for lots of positive vibes & prayers. We’ve caught a few breaks lately but nothing could compare to getting my health/dental insurance up and running; especially considering I completely shattered a tooth tonight that’s been broken for about a year. I don’t even know how to go about getting it pulled let alone “fixed”.

We weren't about to let a little snow stop us from a job interview
We weren't about to let a little snow stop us from a job interview

Riley pulled a Houdini today! When we got home from Wilkes-Barre she ran to greet us at the door which was awesome, until it sunk in that she had been wandering our tornado-hit house all alone for hours. We’re not sure exactly how she is unlatching the crate door but she did it again tonight. Oh boy!

Toby, if you’re reading this – I miss you and I love you and I can’t wait to get a lunch with you sometime soon.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend – stay warm and safe. Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement, advice, gifts and prayers as we have struggled through the past four months. I can safely say this is the most excited I’ve been about a move; something feels unique. It just feels right. It’s the absolute best step for us to take as we prepare for our big five year plan.

Check back in next week, there will be lots to share. New city, new apartment, new job(s) – hopefully, and a look back at what drew me to State College in the first place: PENN STATE!

Until then – this picture, which is so beautiful. Even if you don’t have kids. Or want them. The message stands alone.


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