I currently find myself questioning the seemingly endless *self-imposed* rules, regulations and expectations that I place on myself. Yesterday, I caught myself inviting stress in because I hadn’t posted my “Happy Tuesday: Gratitude Edition” entry and it was, in fact, Tuesday. There were other items on the daily menu, like apple-picking and nephew-visiting. It was well after 11pm when I realized that no natural law dictates I publish my “Happy Tuesday” post on Tuesday (although that’s preferable); a little late, but still important was the realization that too often we choose stress; we substitute our own slightly neurotic thoughts for the easier going thoughts and attitudes of our friends, family and the Universe at large. So I choose to be a little less strict with the rules that I make up for myself; especially when it comes to food & loved ones. Ask yourself today: “Where am I choosing stress?” “Where have I imposed unnecessary, and self-limiting rules?” “Where can I choose to be a little more forgiving?”

Tell Me a Story, Logan
Tell Me a Story, Logan

Today, my mission is simple: thank those who support others. Thank YOU. This past week has been a whirlwind; a crazy, amazing, never-want-this-to-end kind of ride and I really want to thank all of you who showed up in support of “the dance” and that I choose to write about it; the fact that I choose to write at all. After the seizure in November, 2006 (right after I declared that the past tense of “glow” was “glew” – as in: “My Mom used to have a Christmas ornament that glew just like this one”), I wrote off writing. Pre-seizure Rhea, the very serious English major, was not even a memory – she was more a figment of my imagination. These days, I’m thrilled when I can differentiate the proper places & times for “there,” “their” and “they’re.” Was that period supposed to go inside the quotations? I’m not sure anymore. I edit as much as I can but after a while I tend to get sad. I know that these rules which are lost will be found again, eventually. I have stopped telling myself that posting these entries without strict adherence to proper grammar, punctuation and style is nearly blasphemous. (I know that it is, in a way, but the alternative is that I stop writing all together.) I trust that with some more time, and perhaps a few refresher courses, order will be restored to my grammatically correct Universe. Until then, thank you for following along, more conscientious of the intent, not the letter.

So much support. My week has overflown with gratitude for YOU. I don’t think any of us should ever underestimate how much we need to be heard, seen and acknowledged. When family & strangers alike offer you their ears, eyes and kind words – don’t hesitate to go overboard when singing their praises.

Thank you…

**Family. Mom & Dad for participating in the shear thrill of the moment and passing it along to your (possibly unwilling) friends and co-workers! Thommy for reliving the moment 1 million times and supporting me in countless and immeasurable ways – there are not enough “THANK YOU”‘s. Doug & Tinker for allowing the moment to organically occur through your composting!

**Friends. Too many to list, but thank you ALL for the emails, messages, voice mails, text messages, endorsement and referrals. Thank you for allowing me to continue to bug you about subscribing to the blog … I love you guys!

** Commenters. Mary B., Wendy, Devon, Jen, Debbie, Sharon, Ana, Mandy (especially for the videos!), Kari, Meg, Char & Greg for actually taking the time to share your thoughts and support on this website. Your words are so beautiful and I appreciate you carving out a special time to let me know you’re following along. For those of you sending the link around – a special THANK YOU!
For all the people who commented on YouTube – each one of those entries put a huge smile on my face – one that now seems permanent. I want to thank you for not only sharing your thoughts but reminding me that it’s so important to take the time to reach out to others’ and let them know how you feel – rather than keep it in your own head. Sharing is the goal.

**Followers & Subscribers. WordPress, Facebook (Lizzie R., Fred K., Heather S., Amanda B., Frew Crew), Twitter (@kaywynn, @AMrazing_Jen, @ompurnamidam, @Austrianhoney, @mellokittie, @deafgeoff, @BlendApparel, Mandy B., & Fred K.) & YouTube – the link to both the video and the blog entry have continued to spread and that has been such a blessing. It’s been amazing to watch this thing grow over the past week and it is entirely thanks to all of you who are passing the story along. Much love!

And, one last time, thanks to Jason Mraz, Tricia, the Joyologist, and Tristan Prettyman, the beautifully inspiring singer for being such amazing people. At times I find it unreasonable that I can’t just call these people, you know – for a pep talk – I mean, how crazy amazing are they? Then I remember, I know crazy amazing people just like this! We all do. WE ARE these crazy, amazing people. Look within first, then spread your light around.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. To the many, many people who have put this out into the Universe: “I can’t believe you danced on stage like that – I never could have done that!” … please stop believing that. Delete that thought from your mind and heart entirely and know that you ABSOLUTELY COULD do that – and a million other things you have declared yourself incapable of. In every minute of your life – ALLOW YOURSELF TO SHOW UP – completely. Start vibrating more positive energy. Affirm your inner dancer & and rejoice in your inner strength; that way, when the time comes … it’ll shine on through to the other side. If all else fails – fake it ’till you make it. That’s what I did ❤

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. From now on you’ll be traveling the road between who you think you are and who you can be. The key is to allow yourself to make the journey.” ~The Princess Diaries

7 thoughts on “Happy (Day After) Tuesday: Gratitude Edition

  1. I know you posted this a month ago but I’ve just stumbled upon this. I have just been introduced to the wonderful world of Mraz and the beautiful people he surrounds himself with. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing him live at the Life is Good Festival in Canton, MA. This introduction has reinstilled in me and reminded me that a grateful attitude and outlook really does change everything. I forgot that. In reliving my experience of the show, I found your video and now your blog. After reading it, I find myself in tears and very full of joy.

    Thank YOU TOO, Rhea! You are beautiful and strong and I encourage you to keep writing because you are crazy amazing!

  2. You make such a great point about not inviting stress into your life. It is an important thing to remember. Every so often I’ll get completely stressed out and then I’ll realize that the only reason I’m stressed out is because I allowed myself to be. It’s usually at this point where I take a huge step back and remember that I’ve got an amazing wife, two healthy little boys, and a roof over our heads. I really appreciate your outlook and perspective. It’s refreshing! Until next Tuesday…or whenever

  3. Isn’t it wonderful that saying thank you is always grammatically correct!

    Yes, you are one of those ‘crazy amazing’ people.

    THANK YOU for continuing to inspire!

    ❤ Claudia

    aka @ompurnamidam

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