When you receive an unexpected gift - make it mean something.
When you receive an unexpected gift - make it mean something.

Last week, I found a letter from a “stranger” performing a random act of kindness. Inside the letter was a $10 bill. I will reflect on this more later but right now I just want to tell you what I did with the money. I bought Mike Dooley’s “Manifesting Change” for my Kindle. It is exactly what I needed, what I’ve been craving to read and reflect on. The premise is pretty simple: the Universe is always conspiring for us, for our expansion, for our breakthrough performance in this lifetime. All that is required from us is that we visualize all that we are magnificently capable of, and that we take steps in that direction. We don’t need to know “how” the future will manifest, and it is detrimental to even attempt to answer those questions. Dream, visualize, trust, move forward.

We are always attracting what we primarily think about. If we experience ourselves as the embodiment of love and success and beauty – well, then that’s the ONLY thing we can attract.

Do I believe that I am called to write and make my contribution to the world in that way? Yes.
Do I know exactly what that will look like? No.
Do I need to? Absolutely not.

I am not attached to the details or the outcome. I am only attached to being a writer in all the ways that I can at this moment and believing that my story will offer hope or comfort to the reader. To you.

I want to share this excerpt from the book:

It’s as if you’re pounding on the massive doors of the kingdom of your wildest dreams. At first lightly, even respectfully, then, losing patience, louder and louder. You pray. You plead. You beg. You ask. You cry. You wail. And just on the other side of the door, your faithful, adoring subjects silently writhe, some quietly crying, all intensely feeling your frustration and loneliness. Yet they remember all too well how, on the day you left, you made them swear not to ever open the door, so that you might discover for yourself …

…that it was left unlocked.

I hate when that happens. ~The Universe

I am committed to believing that all doors are open.

Knock Knock,

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When I lived in North Carolina, this is what I remembered winter looking like:

Today, I am reminded of what it ACTUALLY looks like:

The car, completely buried.
The car, completely buried.

2 thoughts on “Manifesting Change

  1. Ha – to clarify – when I lived in North Carolina, I pictured winters to be idyllic, gorgeous things… so the first picture is merely what I *thought* winters looked like. I should have known better, having grown up in NY. But I guess distance allows us to romanticize past conditions. The second picture is what winters *actually* look like and was taken here in Syracuse, NY this week. It never snowed while we lived in Wilmington, lucky us 🙂 We did have a hurricane though!

    I would absolute suggest the book. You’ve probably read “The Secret”, right? Well Mike Dooley was a contributor to that, so his books are in the same family. And I am absolutely careful when it comes to thinking negatively… I know that doing so just brings more of the same.

    Jen – thank you for always commenting and supporting and leaving encouraging words and emails and “tweets”! Thank you so much for your encouragement. It’s been wonderful getting to know you better!

    In light,

    PS – His book “Choose Them Wisely (Thoughts Become Things)” is fantastic, too. And if you don’t subscribe to his daily email – you should absolutely start!

  2. That must be in NORTHEN North Carolina. It looks like a Boston winter! I’ll have to check out this book. It sounds like it’s right in line with my life right now. I do projections every day for all that I want to do what I need and all that I need to do what I want. Just be careful because the opposite is also true. If you dwell on negative thoughts, you can draw those in to you as well so always think positive!

    In Peace and Love Always,


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