Hello Friends! Thommy and I are on a mission and we need your help!!

We recently had the great pleasure of meeting Ian Gaffney and Samantha Abrams, the owners of Emmy’s Organics, a completely gluten-free, vegan and raw food company that originates from the beautiful city of Ithaca, NY. They specialize in MACAROONS (Dark Cacao, Coconut Vanilla, Lemon Ginger, Chai Spice, Mint Chip, Choco-Orange, Choco-Chili), GRANOLA and CHOCOLATE SAUCE!

Emmy’s Organics is currently carried in 21 states, at over 400 locations, including Whole Foods. At the moment, they are not carried by Wegmans and that’s why I’m writing this today. We are so impressed with their product, their business ideology and their overall LOVE of LIFE that we are now singularly focused on reaching Wegmans and making sure they hear our request: “WE WANT EMMY’S!”

We want Emmy’s Organics to be a household name because we know they can set the standard for other food companies. They believe that food should satisfy, nourish and even enlighten the consumer; they use the very highest quality ingredients in their foods. In addition, their packaging is eco-friendly and they believe in sustainability for the Ithaca community, as well as our global community. They understand that we are all unified and your health and well-being is important to them, not as a consumer, but as a valued friend.

Imagine what will happen when ALL our food is manufactured in this manner. Imagine what will happen when profit does not define the bottom line of success. Imagine what will happen when the health and happiness of the consumer is the single most important intention of any given business. It will start a revolution! So today I’m asking YOU to be a part of this transformation. By taking small steps together, we can make giant leaps and change the landscape of food production and consumption!


A) If you’re like me, you may feel most comfortable making your request in writing. If this is the case, I urge you to sign one of the following letters and mail it to Wegmans corporate office:

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
1500 Brooks Avenue
PO Box 30844
Rochester NY 14603

There are three letters to choose from (available in either Word or PDF):

1. Emmys Supporters. The purpose of this letter it to inform Wegmans of all the wonderful qualities that make Emmy’s Organics so special and lets Wegmans know exactly why their consumers would support the decision to carry these products. [PDF: Emmys Supporters]

2. Food Sensitivities. This letter is specially written for those of us who deal with any number of food allergies or sensitivities (including Celiac Disease or IBS) who would appreciate the opportunity to buy snacks at Wegmans that we know we can feel good about! [PDF: Food Sensitivities]

3. New to Organics. The intent of this letter is to let Wegmans know how much “beginners” to organic or raw eating would appreciate the ability to purchase Emmy’s Organics in Wegmans, which is considered by many to be a one-stop shop for health-conscious products. [PDF: New to Organics]

B) Maybe you’re more comfortable placing a telephone call and letting the folks at Consumer Affairs know that you support Emmy’s Organics and encourage Wegmans to make these products available to their loyal customers. If you feel compelled to pick up the phone, their number is 1-800-WEGMANS ext. 4760, Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm EST.

C) Maybe you consider yourself to be pretty tech-savvy and you’d prefer to reach Wegmans on your home turf… if that’s the case, you can place an online product request at Wegmans.com/contactus … or you can state your case in 140 characters at twitter.com/Wegmans!

Or maybe you feel so impassioned by this plea that you wish to choose D) “All of the Above” in this survey of how you can help spread the word of Emmy’s Organics. We hope that’s the case because we’re honored to know the two beautiful souls behind this company and their success up to this point – and their continued success in the future – fill us with hope, pride and love.

“The purpose of life is … is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know we are all making huge improvements to the world by all the seemingly small decisions we make every day, and I know we are doing an AMAZING job! So today, please take 5 minutes and contribute to this campaign: mail a letter, make a phone call, send a tweet. Just imagine how great we’re all going to feel when we find out it worked!! Let’s see how quickly we can bring about a very special “Happy Tuesday: WE DID IT!” edition to The Road is Life!

In Love & Light & Gratitude for your support!

Click on the Gift Basket to check out Emmy's Organics website to learn ALL about their amazing products!!
Click on the Gift Basket to check out Emmy's Organics website to learn ALL about their amazing products!!
Click on the Macaroons to find Emmy's Organics on Facebook!  Don't forget to "LIKE" their page!!
Click on the Macaroons to find Emmy's Organics on Facebook! Don't forget to "LIKE" their page!!

PS. Wondering what makes Emmy’s Organics so uniquely valuable, wholesome and amazing? It’s their secret ingredient: LOVE! Seriously, go check out their “products” page and see if you notice a theme ❤

One thought on “Support Emmy’s Organics: Where Food & Love Meet!

  1. Hi You Two Beautiful People,
    I will definitely send a letter. Miss you and your sweet faces and snacking on your delicious macaroons; especially the vanilla coconut!!!!

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